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Showers of Blessing Auction & Banquet



Platinum Sponsor: $500.00 

  • Eight (8) seats/dinner tickets 
  • Full page ad in the auction booklet 
  • Advertisement on each table 

Gold Sponsor: $300.00

  • Four (4) seats/dinner tickets 
  • Half page ad in the auction booklet 

Silver Sponsor: $200.00

  • Two (2) seats/dinner tickets 
  • Quarter page ad in the auction booklet 


Advertising Rates in our Auction Booklet



  • Full Page Ad: $75.00

  • Half Page Ad: $50.00

  • Quarter Page Ad: $35.00

  • Business Card Ad: $25.00



Auction Table Sponsorship

Paying With a Credit Card?

Follow these steps to make a Credit Card payment 

  1. CLICK HERE to go to our "Make a Payment" page. 
  2. Type your name where it says "LCS Student(s) Name.
  3. Type the Price of the Table Sponsorship AND/OR Price of Auction Booklet Advertisement that you have chosen where it says "Payment Amount." 
  4. Continue completing the entire form. 
  5. Under "Payment Description," type the following information
    • Full Name 
    • Table Sponsorship AND/OR Auction Booklet Advertisement Chosen
    • Amount Paid 
  6. Click PAY NOW