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See How LCS Is A Perfect Fit For Your Child!



Deciding where you will send your child to school is a BIG decision. As a new parent, we're sure you have plenty of questions about our school, which is why we invite you to our K-4 & K-5 Experience! Here are a few things to expect at this event:

  • Meet with our K-4 & K-5 Staff.
  • Learn about our curriculum, philosophy, and how we weave the teachings of the Bible into every activity.
  • Receive answers to all of your questions during out Q&A.
 We encourage you to bring your children! Your child will be allowed to explore our classrooms, as well as participate in a fun activity. Please RSVP by completing the form on this page. This event will start promptly at 10AM, so please arrive on time. Light refreshments will be provided

DATE: Saturday, May 11th

Time: 10AM (please arrive no later than 9:55am)

Location: 11303 Liberty Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117

TIP: If you are traveling East on Liberty Road towards our school, some GPS's have been known to have you drive by the school and passed the Liberty Reservoir. If you are crossing the Liberty Reservoir, you have gone too far!  




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