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School Nurse

Tracy Tamboan


I'm THRILLED to be here! LCS was an extension of my home when my daughter attended this school, and I feel a debt of gratitude to the staff, teachers and fellow parents. Perhaps that's part of this: God offering me back as a blessing for the blessings this school bestowed upon us? It's my honor to be in service. I make it a policy to care for your children the way I would care for my own daughter, who incidentally is now a Freshman in college at Towson University studying cyber security/computer science. She is more of a fine arts kid versus sports and so she marches in their nearly 300 person marching band! More football for us was no problem, however I have to wear black and gold for 4 years and it's tough - too close to Steeler colors!! :)

All kidding aside, please be assured everything I do will be out of concern for your child and your family's wellness. Should you ever have any concerns, reach out to me at the school 9am-3pm Monday-Friday or via email: nurse@libertychristian.us