Kindergarten Overview (K5)

Education at the early childhood level is a time where students take their first steps in learning to think for themselves, make decisions, work toward their own solutions and express their own ideas and feelings. It is also a time during which their faith can blossom and grow when surrounded by a community of loving teachers who nurture their God-given curiosity and who model Christ’s love.                                                                     

Kindergarten at Liberty Christian School consists of separate programs for four- and five-year-olds.  Each program offers developmentally appropriate learning experiences to meet student needs in all domains (language, cognitive, physical and social/emotional) in a loving and stimulating environment.  Classes incorporate sound educational curriculum with plenty of experiential play to keep the kindergarten student motivated to learn and develop.  In addition, students are challenged to develop a deeper awareness that they are image bearers of the God who loves them.

Kindergarten 5 (K5)  

Our five year old kindergarten program is particularly focused to lay a firm foundation in phonemic awareness to develop strong reading skills in students.  Instead of pushing reading from the beginning, kindergarten students are exposed to phonics and reading throughout the year as they become developmentally ready.  This method encourages better reading skills as children move forward in school.  The small class sizes and several levels of reading groups allow for reading instruction catered to each child’s readiness level.

Video: A day in the life of Kindergarten at Liberty

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K5 Program Quick Facts:

  • Class size: To best meet student needs, enrollment is limited to 15, with one teacher and one aide per class.

  • Full Day Classes: Enroll your child in a full-day program where your child will be exposed to additional play as well as developmental activities that reinforce the lessons covered during the academic program.

  • Kindergarten learning and play extends beyond the school’s doors:  A multi-level state-of-the-art playground structure awaits right outside the kindergarten door, ensuring a wide variety of fun and excitement.  In addition, an inviting amphitheater resides nearby that offers an ideal venue for outdoor classroom experiences.