Middle School 

The middle school years might be the most critical time in your child’s development.  As young people move towards greater independence, peer pressure becomes tremendous.  As they begin to make their faith their own, your children begin to question almost everything.  Imagine going through this period of development surrounded by a community of teachers and friends who share a love for Christ.
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Liberty Christian School’s Middle School program provides sixth through eighth graders a strong academic program and a wide range of co-curricular activities designed to create leaders and encourage students to explore and ground their Christian faith.

Middle School Quick Facts:

  • Top Academics.  Many students who graduate the eighth grade will have completed Spanish I and at least one year of high school level math.  Dynamic specials programs are also offered in the areas of Art, Music, Media, Spanish, Computers and Physical Education.  In addition, LCS offers classes in Manners and Study Skills to its sixth grade students. Science Class.jpg

  • Google for Education.  Middle School classes enjoy full integration of Google classroom software for student creation, collaboration and production. Students utilize Chromebooks each day in class, viewing and sharing information from the internet  which pertains to subject matter they are learning.

  • Competitive Sports.  Students have the opportunity to try out for and participate on competitive sports teams, including volleyball, soccer and basketball, which travel to other area Christian schools.  Cheerleading is also available for those who want to encourage LCS players.

  • Clubs and Activities.  Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in a weeklyclubsession that affords them the chance to participate in a diverse offering of activities that appeal to their varying interests.  Leadership opportunities abound through participation in activities such as the school’s Student Government Association or through serving as helpers and mentors to our Lower School students.  In addition, a wide variety of extracurricular activities are available to middle school students, including instrumental music, Archery, drama club and chess team.

  • Foreign Missions Opportunity.  Eighth graders are invited to participate in a foreign missions trip where they are challenged to deepen their Christian faith and to minister to others in need of salvation and encouragement.  Every eighth grader is involved in supporting the missions team.  (Read more about the Joshua Expedition.)

“Academic content is important, but it’s equally important for our students to be able to filter what they’re learning through Biblical glasses and process it through a Christian perspective. It’s more than getting a worksheet completed and good scores on a test.  We are looking at the whole student; it’s teaching them to be Christian thinkers with a Christian worldview.” - Middle School Science Teacher