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3 Steps to Homework Success at a Private School- Part 2: Boundaries

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Mar 25, 2014 6:00:00 AM


Once the importance of a positive attitude towards homework is understood, the next step is to set boundaries by establishing a consistent homework routine.

1. Time

Find a time for homework that is best suited to your child’s and your family’s needs, such as right after school, after a designated period of free time, or immediately following dinner.  In addition, set a cut-off time for homework completion.  While you may need to be a bit more flexible on days your child has after-school activities, the main goal is to establish a routine and stick to it.

2. Place

Designate a comfortable, well-lit location for completing homework with minimal distractions.  Maintain a supply of materials, such as paper, pens/pencils, crayons/markers, sharpener, etc. that your child may need to complete assignments.  In addition, make sure your child has access to homework research tools in the designated area, such as a computer with internet access.

3. Parameters

Set the expectation regarding where homework fits in the grand scheme of things.  Homework should take priority over other activities such as screen time and even weekend and after school activities if they interfere with homework completion.  Another important factor to consider is organization.  Help your child find a way to organize thoughts and materials to make the process a more pleasant one (e.g. reviewing all homework to be completed up front and working on the hardest homework first, making sure all materials are on hand for a special project before starting it).

When setting boundaries it is a good idea to involve your child in creating ground rules where it makes sense to do so.  (e.g. give your child a choice between two homework completion time frames and let your child pick one).  This will encourage ownership and buy-in to the process and more of a willingness on your child’s part to follow the routine.  And remember, once the routine is established, consistency is a big key to success!


About the Author

Kim is the blog content manager at Liberty Christian School. She has professional experience in the fields of business and education and hands-on experience as the mother of two school-age children. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family, and anything chocolate.