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3 Summer Reading List Resources for Christian Parents

Posted by Kim Schlauch on May 19, 2015 3:00:00 PM

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Encouraging your children to read over the summer is a great way to help minimize summer learning loss and to better prepare them for the upcoming school year.  However, given the overwhelming number of book titles available, it can be quite challenging to discern which ones to include on a summer reading list.

Here are 3 resources that can help you in creating your child’s summer reading list:

1. Honey for a Child’s Heart

This book, written by well-known author and speaker Gladys Hunt, is an essential guide for parents wanting to find the best books for their children.  A family favorite, it includes everything from how to choose good books for your children to encouraging them to become avid readers, along with a comprehensive listing of book recommendations for children ages birth to 12 years.

2. Triple Crown Awards

This site is the home of the Children’s Gallery, the Children’s Crown, and the Lamplighter Awards, whose mission is to encourage elementary and junior high students to read wholesome and uplifting books by providing lists each year of the best literature for children in first through eighth grade.

3. Focus on the Family Thriving Family Website

This site includes an index of book reviews that cover the content, themes and worldview of tween and teen books.  The reviews are designed to equip parents with the information they need to decide if a book is appropriate for their children.

Selecting the right books for your children’s summer reading lists can not only help maintain and improve upon their reading skills, it can help foster a lifelong love of reading.


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Kim is the blog content manager at Liberty Christian School. She has professional experience in the fields of business and education and hands-on experience as the mother of two school-age children. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family, and anything chocolate.