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5 Kinds of Parents Teachers Love

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Apr 19, 2014 6:00:00 AM

5 Kinds of Parents Teachers Love

Parents appreciate teachers who are devoted to their work, who take an interest in their students and who enable their students to fully maximize their talents and skills to lead productive lives.  But what type of parents do teachers like?  What type of parents make teachers jobs easier?


1. Team Players.  Parents and teachers need to work together to help children achieve learning goals.  Remember, you are on the same team.  Do your part by keeping up with what is going on in your child’s classroom and holding your child accountable for keeping up with and turning in assignments.

2. Understanding.  Seek first to understand before reacting.  Get both sides of the story if it is an issue between your child and the teacher before responding.  Do not take your frustrations out on the teacher over a classroom practice or procedure as the issue may fall beyond their influence and outside of their authority.  Get the facts first.

3. Respectful.  Treat your child’s teacher the way you would expect to be treated.  Work together on solutions to problems.  Do not talk negatively about the teacher in front of your child.

4. Communicative.  If you are having issues with your child’s teacher, speak to him or her first and give the teacher the opportunity to resolve the issue before going to administration.


5. Involved.  Follow up with your child at home by checking folders and making sure homework is getting done.  Show your support by attending school events.   Look for ways to help out in the classroom, either physically or by simply identifying needed classroom items you might be able to donate to the classroom.

While their objectives may differ, parents and teachers share a common goal:  to help children reach their potential.  This goal can be achieved when parents and teachers working together and support one another.

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