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5 Ways Summer Camp Can Prepare Children For Life

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Apr 5, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Camp Liberty Summer Camp Participating in summer camp can benefit children in a variety of ways.  Among other things, going to camp can help stave off boredom and prevent summer learning loss as well as give children the opportunity to make new friends and explore new interests.  Aside from these short term benefits, here are five ways summer camp can prepare children for life.

Learn Social Skills

After spending the school year in the classroom where grades and academic achievement are the main focus, summer camp offers participants a much more relaxed environment free from the social expectations pressuring them at school.  This less rigorous environment allows for more informal interactions amongst fellow campers, one that encourages children to relax, make friends and develop social skills in the process.

Build Self-Confidence

Because summer camp offers an environment free from the academic and social pressures they typically face in school, summer camp participants are more likely to take risks and try things they wouldn’t normally consider.  These experiences can help build self-confidence.

Gain Resiliency

Since the supportive and nuturing environment of summer camp provides the opportunity for more risk taking, children learn how to endure setbacks and receive the encouragement to try again. They also learn that improvement comes with perseverance.

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Grow More Independent

Summer camp typically offers a variety of activities, giving children the opportunity to practice making decisions for themselves.  The chance to consistently make choices on their own can help children discover and develop who they are and leads to greater independence.

Develop Life-Long Skills

Participation in summer camp offers children the instruction, equipment and facilities that allow them the opportunity to further explore their abilities and talents.  Within an environment that cultivates a willingess to try new things, children have the chance to develop life-long skills.

Have you considered sending your child to a summer camp this year?


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