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5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Pray

RoboLions World Championship 2022

LCS Robo-Lions Qualifies for the VEX Worlds Championship

Arrived Ready To Work! Puerto Rico Missions Trip Update.

LCS Welcomes New Counselor!

Welcome Back Mrs. Trail

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Heavenly Treasures for Squirrely Hands

Encourage Your Teachers (and Here's Why...)

Taking Care of Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Robotics Past, Present, & Future

Should my child join a robotics team?

3 Ways To Help Your Child With Anxiety & Stress

6 Ways To Help Your Child Stay In Touch With Friends Over the Summer

8 Creative Ways To Keep Your Kids Active Over the Summer

Punishment vs. Discipline

The Importance of Serving

Moderating Screen Time

3 Ways to Give Back On MLK Day

3 Benefits of Exercise for Children

3 Ways to Refocus Commercial Christmas Traditions on Christ

3 Ways to Afford a Christian School Education

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Bethany Lucas

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Andrew Truong

Liberty Christian School 2015-16 Year in Review Part 2

Liberty Christian School 2015-16 Year in Review Part 1

Is it Bullying or Not?

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Caleb Hopler

5 Things Your Children Should Be Able to Do on Their Own by Middle School

Christian Parenting Tips:  How Do You Teach Grace?

How to Bully-Proof Your Child

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Sigrid Houston

Parenting With Personality: Introversion, Extraversion and the Classroom

Christian Parenting Tips: 10 Ways To Pray For Your Child

5 Ways Summer Camp Can Prepare Children For Life

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Shaylin & Omari Todd

5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Creative Writing Skills

Costa Rica Reflections

Christian Parenting Tips: Teaching Forgiveness

3 Important Roles a Christian School Teacher Can Play in Your Child’s Life

The Liberty Christian School Celebration Gala & Auction is Quickly Approaching!

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Eliana Daniels

Helping Up Mission Visits Liberty Christian School

Reading and the Brain: Why is Reading Easy for Some Children and Not for Others?

5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Children

Christian Parenting Tips: How to Raise a Mission-Minded Child

Prayers, Choices, and Couches

3 Compelling Reasons to Send Your Child to a Christian School

Liberty Christian School Spotlight: Caroline Dangel

Teaching Thankfulness to Your Children

5 Tips For Keeping Life Simple for Families

Christian Parenting Tips: Fostering an Everyday Faith in Your Child

The Information Overload Diet for Parents

A Post-Holiday Recovery Plan for Families

Liberty Christian School Spotlight: Belinda Ropp

How to Raise a Responsible Digital Citizen

Kids & Technology: Is Connecting Disconnecting Your Family?

Christian Parenting Tips: 3 Ways to Build a More Christ-Centered Home

How to Instill a Spirit of Generosity in Your Child

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Matthew Bird

3 Ways to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication

How to Make the Most of Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

Christian Parenting Tips: Taking Advantage of Teachable Moments

How Important is Class Size?

3 Important Things Parents Should Know About Homework

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Emily Martin

3 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Courage

Top Ten Things I Hear on a Liberty Christian School Tour

Christian Parenting Tips: Fun Ideas For Family Devotions

How To Encourage Perseverance In Your Child

Meal Planning Made Easy for Busy Families

Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Olivia Sunde

The Benefits of Regular Church Attendance for Children

Summer Clothing Storage Tips for Families

The Importance of Parental Involvement in Your Child’s Education

Christian Parenting Tips: 5 Ways Your Family Can Live Out the Gospel in Your Home

How to Get Your Child’s School Year Off to a Good Start

5 Ways to Get Your Child to Talk about His or Her Day

LCS Community Spotlight: Sandy Moritz

5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Self Image

Healthy Snacking for Families Part 2: 5 Ways to Cut the Fluff from Your Child’s Diet

Healthy Snacking for Families Part 1: How to Establish Smart Eating Habits

Is Your Kindergartener a Couch Potato?

5 Transition Tips for Parents of Children Who are Changing Schools

LCS Community Spotlight: Michael and Lisa Palmer

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling

5 Ways Chores Build Character in Children

Family Summer Survival Kit #3: Summer Boredom Busters

LCS Community Spotlight: Marcus Johnson

3 Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Memorize Scripture

10 Time-Tested Travel Games for Kids and Families

Liberty Christian School Celebrates the Trumbo Legacy

Family Summer Survival Kit #2: Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Liberty Christian School 2014-15 Year in Review Part 2

Liberty Christian School 2014-15 Year in Review Part 1

Family Summer Survival Kit #1: Making the Most of Your Summer

LCS Community Spotlight: Thomas Ball

3 Summer Reading List Resources for Christian Parents

7 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

5 Reasons Why K-8 Schools May Be Better For Middle School Students

A Christian Parent’s Guide to Understanding Common Core

5 Tips for Raising Selfless Children in a Self-Centered World

LCS Community Spotlight: Randy Hamilton

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Your Children and Cell Phones: How Young is Too Young?

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play a Musical Instrument

5 Savvy Cell Phone and Texting Etiquette Tips for Families

LCS K5 Class Celebrates Easter with Resurrection Eggs

LCS Community Spotlight: Inez Wiggins

10 Manners Children Should Know

Why Manners Matter for Your Children

My Costa Rica Mission Trip Memory Log

How to Prepare Your 5th Grader for College

5 Ways to Manage Conflict With Your Child

LCS Family Fun Reading Night Featured Author: Rachel Muller

LCS 2015 People to People Auction

LCS Community Spotlight: Moriah Savage

Benefits of Chess for Kids

5 Cabin Fever Cures for Families

Introducing Liberty Christian School's New Website!

Which Childhood Development Stage is Most Challenging?

5 Simple Ways to Get to Know Your Kid’s Friends

5 Reasons Why Kids Need Boundaries

LCS Community Spotlight: Joi Thornton

Social Media Tips for Parents

Managing Kids and Conflicts: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Why Failure is Good for Children

Reverse New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Busy Families

Are New Year’s Resolutions Worth it for Busy Families?

LCS Community Spotlight: Krista Quenzer

10 Simple Ways to Serve Together as a Family

5 Ways to Manage the Christmas Chaos for Families

Signs of the Season

10 Tips for Putting Christ Back in Christmas for Families

LCS Community Spotlight: Michelle Petenbrink

The 5 “Knows” of School Discipline for Parents

The 5 “B’s” of Positive Discipline for Parents

The “Glass Half Full” Approach to Discipline for Parents

5 More Questions to Ask at Your Parent-Teacher Conference

5 Questions to Ask at a Parent-Teacher Conference

Curiouser and Curiouser: Encouraging Your Child’s Curiosity

The 20 Minute-a-Day Investment That Could Yield High Dividends for Your Child

LCS Community Spotlight: Mahendra Khera

Teaching Your Children to Pray

10 Benefits of a School Uniform

Pastor Appreciation Day

3 Ways to Foster a Bully-Free Environment

5 Freezer Meal Tips For Busy Families

Helping our Kids Learn to Listen

25 Family Fun Ideas for Fall

The Traffic Signal Approach to Handling Kids Fighting

How to Survive School Picture Day

The Value and Benefits of Age Appropriate Chores

3 Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination

Shared Interests: A Leap of Faith and a Lesson Learned

5 No-Brainer School Day Breakfast Ideas

School Renovations Embody LCS "Legacy of Excellence"

Making the Most of Back-to-School Night

‘Twas The Night Before School

A Common Sense Approach to Packing a Healthy School Lunch

Survival Tips for Managing Your After-School Activity Schedule

The Carpool Advantage: A Captive Audience

Back-to-School Belly Butterfly Busters

Home Storage Tip #121 For Parents and Students: One Box, Many Uses

How to Become an Out of the Ordinary Family

School Savvy Home Organization Tips for Families

The Back-To-School Countdown Checklist

How to Create a Family Emergency Plan Part 2: The “How To” Guide

How to Create a Family Emergency Plan Part 1: The What’s and Why’s

Money Matters: Allowance 101 for Parents and Families

5 Ways to Make Your Home THE Hangout for Your Kids and Their Friends

The Perfect Summer Craft for Kids: The “Mom I’m Bored” Jar

25 Summer Boredom Busters for Children and Families

5 Tips for Preparing Your Child to Stay Home Alone

Home Alone: Is Your Child Ready for the Responsibility?

5 Clever Tips for Getting Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

5 Ways to Make Memories with Your Kids This Summer

Striking a Balance to Survive the Summer with your Child

7 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Pack for Your Family Vacation

Liberty Christian School Year in Review Part 2

Liberty Christian School Year in Review Part 1

5 Outdoor Activities for Kids That Encourage Learning

Liberty Christian School Transitions and Partings

7 Ways to Motivate Your Child to do Chores

Liberty Christian School 8th Graders Mark Important Milestone

10 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Liberty Christian School Bids a Fond Farewell to a Beloved Teacher

5 Ways to Ensure Your Child is Not Prepared for the Real World

Sun Shines on Annual Liberty Christian School Fundraiser

5 Tips on Teaching Respect to Your Children

How to Raise A Reader: 7 Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child

10 Reasons Why Reading is a Skill Every Child Should Develop

Your Kids and Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

3 Ways to Ensure Your Child is Ready For School Every Day

How to Maintain Internet and Social Media Safety With Your Child

5 Kinds of Parents Teachers Love

7 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Family’s Busy Schedule

A Long-Awaited Costa Rica Adventure Becomes a Reality for a Liberty Christian School 8th Grader

10 Tips for Getting Involved at Your Child's School

10 Reasons Parents Need to Get Involved at Their Child’s School