A Long-Awaited Costa Rica Adventure Becomes a Reality for a Liberty Christian School 8th Grader

Posted on Apr 12, 2014 6:30:00 AM by Tanner Crampton

Ok, so the Costa Rica trip was probably the one trip I've been on where I had fun as well as made a difference in people's lives. When I think back on the trip, it makes me feel warm inside as I did something good. I had been looking forward to this trip since kindergarten.  When I look even deeper into the trip, my experience with the local food, La Carpio and our activity days really brought the whole trip together.


I guess I will start off with food!!! Okay, the food there was interesting.  I mean it was nothing out of the ordinary; it was just stuff that Americans don't eat often. We had rice and beans every day, and at every meal.  Each meal was a different type of rice and beans as well as flavors. The portions they gave us were very small; unlike Americans (that shows how unhealthy Americans are). With the rice and beans, we had an entree with each meal that varied, like one day we would have chicken or beef chunks or eggs and pancakes. The beverages there were always some very interesting fruit juices that sometimes were good and some were bad. Overall, the food was okay, just not the best in my opinion.


Next are activities that we did the day after we landed (Monday), the day before we left (Saturday), and some during the week as well. Some of the activities were fun and somewhere not, but it was all still worth it. Some of my favorite activities were the volcano trip and zip-line. The volcano trip was a cool hike up to the crater and lagoon. It was a lot of walking, but once you got up to the top it was worth all the hiking.  The zip-line was the best out of all the activities, in my opinion. The view from above the trees, the breeze, and just the experience overall were really cool.  There is nothing greater than the feeling on that zip-line.

When we first arrived in La Carpio, I was a little scared because of what we were told to do, like when you got off the bus the male adults had to form a circle around us as we walked.  I guess it was also the area we were in, it was a place where I've never been, never seen, and I was not sure what it was going to be like. When we finally met the children it brought smiles to my face. Just seeing all of them come in smiling just made me forget all the struggles in life and focus on what God wants me to do.   I spent my time in the morning at VBS and in the afternoon in English school for the older kids. It was just a great overall experience with all the kids and I encourage everyone to go on this trip.

I think the trip was very successful overall, I think. I was happy I could spend the time with my mom and some of my closest friends. It was a good last trip for the eighth grade. The food, activities, and La Carpio are what made the whole trip worth it.