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Liberty Christian School 2014-15 Year in Review Part 2

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Jun 9, 2015 3:00:00 PM

LCS SGA visit to Annapolis

Here is a continuation of the list of some of the key events and activities that took place at Liberty Christian School throughout the past school year:

5.  SGA Visits Annapolis

In early March, student government association (SGA) members and their sponsor Mr. Hamilton, along with some parent chaperones, had the privilege to attend a rally at the Statehouse in Annapolis, Maryland.  Their visit was prompted by the desire to support a bill to give greater tax credit to companies who give money to schools.  It was a great experience for all who participated and gave the SGA members an opportunity to see their government in action.

4.   LCS Talkers

This year we invited a dedicated group of Liberty Christian School community members who love our school to become LCS Talkers and encouraged them “love our school out loud.”  LCS talkers are a group of parents, faculty, alumni and grandparents who talk about the wonderful things that are going on at the school with others in any venue they happen to frequent, such as at church, while out with friends, during soccer practice or playdates or anywhere else their travels may take them.  Word of mouth marketing is the most effective way to get the message out about Liberty Christian School to prospective families and we are blessed to have this group share our message.

3.  Middle School Advisory

Advisory is a new middle school program at Liberty Christian School designed to help students improve their organizational skills and homework completion.  During Advisory, teacher “advisors” support students in small groups and meet individually with each student to review grades, help them manage current assignments and assist them in completing any missing assignments.  The relationship between an advisor and student is intented to help the student realize his or her full academic potential.

morning meeting

2.  Morning Meetings

In previous years, the pledges of allegiance to the American flag, Christian flag and Bible were recited and morning announcements were shared at the start of each school day in individual classrooms.  This year, that practice shifted to the gym where all students gather before they are released to their classrooms.  This activity has fostered a wonderful sense of community among students and staff alike and gets each day off to a good start.  K4 and K5 students hold a similar event in the media center where they gather before school and enjoy getting to take turns holding the flags during the pledges.

Chromebook lab

1. Chromebook Lab

With this year’s introduction of Chromebooks in Mr. Hamilton’s middle school classroom, middle school students had access to the necessary hardware to be able to engage with Google for Education, classroom software that allows students to view and share information from the internet pertaining to the subject matter they were learning, take class notes online and collaborate on class projects.  This new format has been very well received and plans are currently in the works to expand the use of this technology into other middle school classrooms.

These are but a few of the many exciting and memorable happenings that took place over the past year.  We look forward to making more memories in the school year to come!


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