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Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight: Eliana Daniels

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Feb 23, 2016 3:00:00 PM


This month’s Liberty Christian School Community Spotlight features eighth grade student and gifted writer, musician and artist, Eliana Daniels.  Eliana has been a student at LCS since her kindergarten year.  Here is what she had to share with us.

Q. What do you love about LCS?

A. I love the people and the warm, loving environment that we have.

Q. Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell us why he/she is a favorite.

A. One of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Nevius, LCS instrumental music teacher.  She puts up with the middle school ensemble's craziness and somehow makes us all sound really good together.

LCS middle school ensemble

Q. In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at Liberty Christian School?

A. At Liberty, I’ve had an environment that encourages my faith rather than discourages it.

Q. How do you feel that LCS is preparing you for high school and beyond?

A. LCS is helping me build a strong foundation in God so that I can grow in him and be more ready for what will happen next. I’m preparing myself in the calm so that I’ll be ready for the storm.

Q. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

A. I enjoy listening to music, drawing, and writing.

Q. Your teachers have commented that you are wonderfully creative in your writing and artwork.  What type of writing do you like to do? What inspires you to write? Have you ever submitted any of your written work to contests?

A. I like to write stories, short stories, and occasionally I’ll write a poem. Sometimes my artwork or the artwork of others inspires me to write, other times I just come up with ideas on the fly. I have submitted works the the Association of Christian Schools Interational (ACSI) Creative Writing Festival a few times.

Q. What type of medium do you like to engage in...drawing, painting, sculpture, etc? What or who inspires you in your artwork? Have you ever submitted any artwork to contests?

A. I usually draw with pencils and occasionally colored pencils. The inspiration of my artwork is unknown even to me. Some of it is from video games I’ve played, animes I’ve watched, or books I’ve read. Some of my “inspiration” is mainly my mind experimenting and expressing itself through a pencil and paper. I have submitted two pieces of artwork to the Maryland State’s Attorney Anti Drug Poster Contest and won a spot on the poster each year. This year I am submitting artwork to the ACSI art contest.

Anti Drug Poster Contest Winners

Q. How have Art teacher, Mrs. Quenzer, and/or English teacher, Mrs. Moritz, or other LCS teachers encouraged your creative endeavors?

A. Yes, many of the staff appreciate my artwork and some have taken notice to my writing skills.

Q. Have you attended any camps, workshops, special classes to further your art and writing skills? How do you learn more about and improve your creative skills?

A. Last summer I attended a writing camp at Stevenson University.  It helped me in my structure and format for many of my stories-in-progress. To improve my artistic skills I usually look at my old work, find what’s wrong with it, and fix the problem in whatever way I find works.

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