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School Savvy Home Organization Tips for Families

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Aug 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

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Today’s families face many challenges when it comes to managing their daily schedules.  While establishing a regular routine can help minimize stress and aid in the management of day-to-day responsibilities, the organization of your family’s physical space can make all the difference.

Here are a few ways you can organize your physical space in a way that can better support your routine during the school year:

Staging Area

What can you do to make school mornings go more smoothly and ensure that everything needed for school makes it out the door?  Locate a spot near your door that can serve as a staging area.  Secure and designate a basket, crate, or other type of storage unit for each child in your family.  Anything that needs to go to school the next day should be housed in this spot, including backpacks, gym bags, school projects, etc.  Have your child place all necessary items (including homework) in this location before going to bed.  If there are items that cannot be put there, such as a project that is still drying or something from the refrigerator, tape a note to your child’s backpack or leave some sort of physical clue (e.g. open lunch box) that will remind your child to grab the needed items before heading out the door.

Central Command Post

Important paperwork haphazardly scattered over countertops and that remains in backpacks has a tendency to go missing in action.  To minimize the loss of these items and to better facilitate the completion of necessary action items, create a space in your kitchen or other common area of the house where you

home central command post
 can review and store these items.  This area should include some sort of “inbox” where your children can place items that need to be reviewed and acted upon, such as field trip permission slips, fundraiser packets, school picture order forms, etc.  It is also helpful to maintain a folder at this location where other important school information can be kept so that it is readily accessible when needed, such as school directories, policy and procedure handbooks, or details on upcoming school events.

Homework Haven

In addition to establishing a regular homework routine, offering a quiet, well-lit, area with a good work surface can provide the means to help keep your children organized and motivated to complete their homework.  Include a storage spot that can house supplies needed for homework completion, including paper, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and any other items your children might need to do their work.

Happy organized family

Once you’ve organized your physical space to support your family’s routine, the key to success is maintaining that space.  Make an effort to clean and declutter these areas on a regular basis.  If the physical setup is not working for you, find ways to reorganize the space to better suit your family’s needs and routine.


About the Author

Kim is the blog content manager at Liberty Christian School. She has professional experience in the fields of business and education and hands-on experience as the mother of two school-age children. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family, and anything chocolate.