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The 5 “B’s” of Positive Discipline for Parents

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Nov 22, 2014 6:00:00 AM

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As parents, we want our children to behave in an acceptable manner and be able to handle their own problems constructively.  To achieve this,  I previously shared the benefits of positive discipline in addressing child misbehavior.  

Here are 5 aspects of positive discipline to consider that can help you minimize battles and improve your child’s behavior:

  1. Be Loving.  A parent-child relationship based on love and respect is a key component of positive discipline.  Unlike children who react out of fear or coercion in order to avoid punishment, those who have a strong connection to their families are more empowered to make the right choices as a result of those connections.

  2. Be Clear with Expectations.   Children will not know how to behave unless they are taught how to do so.  Make sure your child understands what is expected of him as well the consequences of breaking the rules.  Involve your child in establishing ground rules wherever possible to instill a sense of ownership in the process.  

  1. Be Consistent.  Hold your child accountable and stick to the consequence that has been established for a broken rule.  A lack of consistency on your part will only damage your credibility and open the door to continued misbehavior.  Be willing to revisit the expectations and adjust them as necessary to ensure they remain relevant and enforceable.
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  2. Be Selective.  In other words, choose your battles.  Too many limits can produce a low sense of worth, a lack of self-control, and ultimately a rebellious or extremely submissive child.  Teach your child to respect boundaries, but also give her the freedom to learn from her experiences within those boundaries.

  3. Be a Role Model.  As a parent, you are your child’s primary teacher and your child will emulate what you do more than what you say.  In other words, practice what your preach by modeling the desired behavior.

What is a positive discipline tip that has worked for you?



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