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The Perfect Summer Craft for Kids: The “Mom I’m Bored” Jar

Posted by Kim Schlauch on Jul 19, 2014 6:00:00 AM


"Mom I'm Bored!"  Tired of hearing that dreaded phrase?   Even more tired of coming up with ways to keep from hearing it?  Well then, shift the responsibility of solving your child's boredom to your child by having him or her create a “Mom I’m Bored,” or “Boredom Buster” Jar!

Here’s how it works:

1.  Grab a jar and some slips of paper.

2.  Work with your child to come up with a list of fun activities and write one idea on each slip of paper.

3.  Fill the jar with the completed slips of paper.

When your child is bored, have him or her select three ideas from the jar and choose one of them to complete.  Put the remaining ideas back in the jar for use later.

Activities can be as simple as running around the yard three times or playing dress-up.   Decorating the Boredom Buster Jar with stickers is a great idea.  Or coming up with a list of 10 new activities is another.  For more thought starters, please see our list of 25 boredom busters.  The key is to encourage your child in taking the initiative in solving the problem on his or her own.

kid decorating jar

Helpful Hints:  Create slips of paper in two colors and place all “outdoor” activities on one color and all “indoor” activities on another.  That way, if the weather does not cooperate, your child will know to pick only indoor activities.  You can even add a third color that includes activities beyond the home, such as trips to the library, park, or local museum.

What is one activity you will include in your child’s jar?


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