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Sun Shines on Annual Liberty Christian School Fundraiser

Posted on May 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM by Kim Schlauch

Race for Education Start Line

Despite several days of torrential downpours in the days leading up to Liberty Christian School’s 2014 Race for Education, the skies cleared in just enough time to allow the racecourse to recover and be readied for the big day on Friday, May 2nd.  On the morning of the race, participants welcomed sunny skies and a refreshing breeze as they completed as many laps around the course as they could within a one-hour time frame to raise money for the school’s annual fund. It was an especially good morning for 6th grader, Jonah Zabik, who completed 34 laps (a distance of about 8.5 miles).  Not only did Jonah far exceed the goal of 28 laps he set for himself prior to the race, he also completed more laps than any other student who participated in this year’s event.

At the end of the race, participants and spectators alike were given the opportunity to purchase and enjoy refreshing snowballs while supporting another worthy cause.  The LCS class of 2015 sold the tasty treats to raise funds for their Costa Rica mission trip scheduled to take place in February 2015.  Judging by the number of green, blue, orange, and purple tongues and smiling lips witnessed after snowball consumption, this fundraiser was judged to be a success as well. 

students eating snowballs

In the weeks leading up to the Race for Education, students and staff members collected addresses, filled out mailing labels, and wrote letters encouraging friends and family members to make pledges and donations to support their efforts in raising funds for the school.  Sisters Emma and Grace von Riegen each brought in 61 labels, resulting in 122 sponsor letters mailed.  From these letters, the school has received 30 donations so far.  The sisters’ and the rest of the school community’s efforts have certainly paid off as over $13,000 has been raised to date in conjunction with this year's race.

After the race, prizes were awarded to acknowledge various student and staff efforts.  For example, Mrs. Mueller’s 6th grade girls’ homeroom earned a week of dress down days for bringing in an average of 13 labels per student, the highest class average in the school.  In addition, 5th grade student Caleb Matthews won the most sought-after prize, a Kindle Fire HD, in a drawing where students and staff members earned a chance to win for every 30 labels they submitted. 

kindergarten students with school mascot

Even though this year’s Race for Education has already been run, it is not too late to support the cause.  If you would like to make a contribution on behalf of those who participated in this year’s race, please contact Courtnaye Whiting at

The 2014 Race for Education at Liberty Christian School takes on a special meaning.

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 6:00:00 AM by Sue Carback

After a rousing school-wide pep rally, Liberty Christian School students and staff members are busy collecting pledges and getting into shape for the annual Race For Education, scheduled to take place on Friday, May 2nd.  In the days leading up to the big event, excitement builds as colorful flags are set up on campus marking off the quarter mile race course.  The day of the race, parents, siblings, grandparents and other supporters will cheer from the sidelines as participants run/walk as many laps as they can in one hour to raise funds for the school.


This year’s Race takes on a special meaning for LCS Media Assistant, Kim Schlauch.  Diagnosed with breast cancer in July, Mrs. Schlauch has endured six rounds of chemotherapy, two surgeries, and is currently undergoing one year of adjuvant drug therapy and 6 ½ weeks of daily radiation treatments.  If all goes as planned, her radiation treatments will come to an end the week of the Race.  To celebrate this milestone in her battle and to express her appreciation for all the support she has received from the LCS community, Mrs. Schlauch will be participating in this event.


“I cannot begin to express how much the prayers and encouragement we have received from the LCS community have meant to me and my family,”  says Mrs. Schlauch.  She is especially grateful for the sense of normalcy LCS has offered during her current health challenge.  “I appreciate how flexible and accommodating the faculty and staff have been in order to allow me to continue working through each phase of my treatment.”  She is also thankful for the much-needed stability the teachers and students have offered her two children, who are currently in the fourth and sixth grades at Liberty Christian.


Mrs. Schlauch is very excited to be able to support the school that has supported her during her current battle with breast cancer by participating in the Race for Education.  If you would like to show your support by sponsoring her in the Race or making a donation to the school, please e-mail Courtnaye Whiting at or call the school office (410) 655-5527.