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Rent the Gymnasium at LCS For Your Next Event!*

 Robotics Tournament 2017.jpg

Rent the Full-Sized LCS Gymnasium for:

  • Sporting Events 
  • Tournaments 
  • Birthday Parties
  • Large Events 
  • ...and much more!


$150.00       Gym Rental Fee (2 Hour Minimum Required - $50.00 per Each Additional Hour)

$125.00       Gym Rental Fee for LCS/LC Members (2 Hour Minimum Required - $40.00 per Each Additional Hour)

$50.00       Hourly Fee for an LCS Kitchen Staff Member - Level 1 Certified (If Needed)

$25.00       Late Fee 1 - 15 Minutes, Additional $25.00 Will Be Charged For Every 15 Minutes Thereafter 

**All gym rental fees include an LCS trained oversight employee on premises during your event** 


*Terms & Conditions Apply 
For More Information CLICK HERE

or contact Ethan Hard: harde@libertychristian.us



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Organization Request Form




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