School Life

Middle School Retreats: Leadership & Character Development

Sixth and Seventh Grade Retreat

The highly anticipated end-of-the-school-year culminating activity for sixth and seventh grade students is a 3-day retreat held in early June.  Middle school staff members and students head to Bongiorno Conference Center in Carlisle, PA for three days of high energy, non-stop fun and a chance to reflect on their personal walk with God during themed spiritual sessions.  Students participate in group activities such as “Capture the Flag” and other team building games. They are also able to select activities such as swimming, basketball, soccer and softball.

Eighth Grade Leadership RetreatMiddle_School_retreats_(School_Life)

Each fall, eighth grade students and middle school teachers head to Black Rock Retreat near Lancaster, PA for a two-day leadership retreat. In preparation for their upcoming missions trip to Costa Rica, students learn to work together under challenging circumstances and overcome personal fears as they encounter low and high ropes courses, a zip line and rock climbing wall. Students also participate in activities that allow them to explore their particular learning styles and spend time outdoors with their Bibles and journals to reflect on their spiritual life.

Eighth grade students can apply and are selected to assist in the planning and execution of the retreat program.  This involvement empowers graduating eighth grade students to learn valuable leadership skills and give back to the school.

“At the retreat, students are able to let their guard down and be real about things they normally wouldn’t share in class and feel support and care from their teachers and friends.”  
 ~LCS Science Teacher~